• h a fortun▓e.Nor should the parting gifts of our hosts be ▓forgotten,—a l
    • ittle pocket compass from th●e padre, and a bottle of “Superi▓or Curry Dr
    • essing” from his solicitous spouse.▓ We left the Talaing Mission, then,


    on the ▓morning of May twe

    square clearing which● its inhabitants had 413won by force ▓of arms from the militant jungle.A sub-commiss▓ioner dwelt there.That much inf●ormation had reached Moulmein.Perhaps he spok▓e a smattering of English.We fell t▓o shouting an inquiry for his bungalow as we w●andered in and out among the huts.▓Here and

    • nty-third, and, boarding ▓a tiny steamer plying on the Gyang ri▓ver, disem
    • barked as the sun wa●s touching the western tree-top●s, in the village o


    f Choung Doa.It▓ comprised tw
    • o rows of spindle-shanked hutche●s facing a narrow clearing ankle-●deep
    • in mud.In one of the booths, boiled▓ rice, tea, and a few stale biscuits


    from fa▓r-off England wer
    • e for sale.The population,● irrespective of age, sex, or dishabille, fo●
    • rmed a gaping circle around us and fl▓ocked behind us as we set out, like
    • c▓ountry boys in the wake of the ann▓ual circus parade. A jungle tra


    il that was▓ almost a hig
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inding ov●e

Camerette - Your Time to Dream

there, where a light cast a flic●kering gleam into the night, we startl▓ed the peace of a quiet family ●by intruding upon them—and seld▓om found them in a garb to receive cal

By mdkiwol  |  Jan. 14, 2013  |  15 comments
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r thick-cl

Glass House Below The Dark of Moon Light

lers.Th▓e few belated stragglers whom we ca▓me upon in the darkness listened with tremblin▓g limbs to our query, grunted unintel▓ligibly, and sped noiselessly away. It

By jagerjack  |  Jan. 13, 2013  |  8 comments
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othed foot

House in The Woods

● was surely nine and time all w●ell-behaved residents of the● capital should have been abed, when we cap●tured a night-hawk on his way ho●me after a little supper with the boys, o?/p>

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hills, ga▓ve evid
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駌 a round of the dance-halls.He was of bol▓der stuff, naturally, and better info●rmed on who’s who in Kawker▓iek than his hen-pecked neighbor●s, and consented like

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a man ready for any a●dventure to give us guidance. ▓Beyond the last row of dwelli▓ngs, he plunged into a

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sub-sylvan pathway, and●, mounting a gentle slope, paused before a ▓forest-girdled bungalow.We turned to t●hank him, but he had slipped silen

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ence that ma

Camerette - Your Time to Explore

t▓ly away, anxious, no doubt, to rea▓ch his apartment before the elevator st●opped running. The commissioner was reading● in his study.He was a Burman fro▓m “over Mand

By amaah  |  Jan. 11, 2013  |  3 comments
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n had been

Winter Kitchen with Silver Panorama

alay way,” as much▓ a foreigner in Kawkeriek as we, and▓ so much a sahib in his habit▓s that he had not yet dined.For ●that we were grateful.To have missed the ●formal repast to which he invited

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her▓e be

Casa en la costa del uno

us wo▓uld have been a misfortune indeed. So rarely▓ does England appoint any but a● white man to rule over a district, t▓hat this native, who had risen● so high in h

By jagerjack  |  Jan. 9, 2013  |  3 comments
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fore us. Bl

Mosaic Pool is Very Amazing And Beautiful

er esteem, awakened our ●keenest curiosity.In appearance● he was like any other Burman of the prosperous ▓class.His garb was the usual flowing r●obe, though his legs were dressed and

By amaah  |  Jan. 8, 2013  |  3 comments


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Small Market and St. Sebastian's Square in Opole

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Living Room in Italy

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Platform House with Minimal Design

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Mosaic Pool is Very Amazing And Beautiful

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we denied him even this favor, t▓here was outside his door a “wild man●,” chief of a jungle village▓, whose route coincided with our own for one da●y

’s journey. We suggested an immedia●te departure.A servant stepped out on the vera●nda and summoned the boh into the council ch●amber.He was a “wild man”

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